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      The academic year commences from 4th of Baisakh (a Nepali month) and ends in the month of Chaitra (a Nepali month). The provision of academic class is about 200 periods and all students should attend at least 95% to the school / out of total school days.

School operation hours
Office hours
9:30 AM 5 PM (summer) 10:00 AM 5 PM (winter)
Class Hours
From Baisakh (Nepali Month) to Kartik (Nepali Month) 9:30 AM 4:30 PM
From Mangsir (Nepali Month) to Magh (Nepali Month) 10:15 AM 4:00 PM
From Falgun (Nepali Month) to Chaitra (Nepali Month) 9:30 AM 4:30 PM

Provision of leave and off time
As far as the course contains are concerned the possible scheduled courses must be completed within the targeted time bound. The school remaining closed during the great local festivals and the days of the national and international importance as well.
The school hours are arranged 6 days in a week from class 6 to 10 and 15 days and 10 days are given winter and summer leave respectively. The total 18 days are separately for the greatest festivals. In fact, the leaves are entertained as per schools convenience.

Concerning Examination:
There are three terminal examinations in a year/session to evaluate the students' progress. Mid Term is conducted before a month of each Terminal Examination and a Unit Test for every month.
First Term and Second Term Exams carry 20% / 20% of the total marks as well as Mid Term and Unit Test carry 20% of the total marks for the mark sheet.

School Uniforms
The school has managed different uniforms to make the students neat and clean / tidy.
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
White shirts                         for boys and girls.
Maroon colour pants           for boys
Maroon colour skirt/pants  for girls
Tie and belt                          for boys and girls.
White ribbon and hair band for girls
Maroon sweater                    for boys and girls
Maroon handkerchief           for boys and girls
White shoes and white shocks Nursery to S.K.G
Black shoes + White shocks    Grade 1 to 10

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Sky colour shirt for boys and girls
Gray colour pants for boys
Gray colour skirts/pant for girls
Sky colour ribbon / hair band for girls
Maroon sweater for both boys and girls
Maroon handkerchief for both boys and girls
White / black shoes + gray colour shocks for both boys and girls

Note: During summer seasons (Nepali month Chaitra to Bhadra); the school has managed different T-shirts for the students based on their houses respectively.


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