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Eco Club Goat Project
The Goat Project was started by the Eco Club of Vinayak School three years ago when a volunteer form Australia, Brenda Hazelwood was given 20 pounds to assist poor people in the area.
Initially, a pair of goats was given to a poor family in a rural area on condition that when they had kids two would be given to a further family. This number has increased and there are now 4 and a half pairs of goats. The families have a contract with the school and promise to give a pair of goats that they have reared to a further family, chosen by the Eco Club, thus enlarging the herds.

All students are members of the Eco Club but there are 17 active members monitoring the goats. These members have the responsibility of evaluating the grazing areas, the physical condition of the goats and commitment of the families.

The families benefit greatly from the project as they use the milk, make cheese and eat goat meat. The children themselves are often in charge of the animals' grazing taking them to the areas they know to be fertile pastors.

The Eco Club also educates students on environmental issues and annually go round the village educating the locals and cleaning up the streets with their "KEEP THIMI TIDY" banner and cart. Tulsi Hari Prajapati, coordinator of The Goat Project.



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