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Dance Training

Equipped Laboratory

Football Training

International Volunteer Teachers

Educational Excursion:
The main objective of educational excursion is to provide/import practical and behavioural education. Every class takes part to the excursions tour twice a year/ session. They visit some historical and cultural sites to gain a lot of knowledge about them.

About Day-boarders and Hostels
For the development of educational attainment, the school has managed day-boarder classes for the students. Appliciating the advice and recommendations by parents/guardians, the school has managed the hostel too. It is hoped that it promotes educational status of poor and weak students.

Partial Scholarship Management
Since the establishment, the school has managed free monthly payment for those students who stand on first position in the class. 25% of total students are provided full scholarship but they should be intelligent; the poor and week economic status. The school has tried to promote these facilities to the students in coming days.

Special Scholarship Program
On the occasion of 15th anniversary of this school; the school has announced to award the students with special scholarship to one student from each ward of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality Area. The school has hoped to provide an opportunity to impart a quality education for intelligent, the poor and meritorious students. The students had not to pay admission fee, payment for course books, uniforms and monthly fee.

Regular Health Diagnosis
The school has felt that health is wealth. So, it has managed two days in a month for medical check up. The child specialists are managed for health diagnosis of children.

The school has managed to render the transportation services to the students of marginal areas of Bhaktapur and some areas attached with Kathmandu. The transport for cities will be strengthened in the years to come.



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