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   Vinayak Shiksha Niketan co-education School established in 1989, registered with the District Education Office, Bhaktapur, Ministry of Education, Nepal Government, aims to combine the best of their traditions and cultures with the best of current educational practice for around development of its students.
       This is non-government school and funding comes from fees and endowments, not from government. The school is genuinely independent and free to decide what is in the best educational interests of the pupils. It is located in the middle of historical town Thimi, 9 kilomiter east of Kathmandu and 3 kilometers west of Bhaktapur.


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Volunteer Teacher
   Volunteer teachers from other
   countries regularly assist
   teachers in the class room .
Computer Lab
All students receive lessons in
   the school's computer lab
Science Lab
   Practical science experiments
  are conducted in the school's
  science lab.

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Thimi and it's culture
The architecture of the Thimi area shows unique Newari influences.

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About Vinayak | Academic Activities Facilities  |  Salient Features  |  Admission  |  Enquiry

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