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Mr. & Miss Vinayak Fresher - 2065, Held on 24th of Jestha 2065

Recent news and events:

District to National-Wise Dance Competition First- 2064
          Vinayak Shiksha Niketan School has been participating in Dance Competition Organized by Education Department of Nepal. In this year, this school stood first in dance competition from District level to National-Wise dance competition and First in district level and regional wise first in Folk Song Competition.



Vinayak Traditional Dress & Talent Show-2064
School has organized Vinayak Traditional Dress & Talent Show - 2064 among with pre-primary. Pre-primary students were actively participated in that program very actively. This is main way to show their hidden talent and traditional dress. In Nursery, among boys Sujal Prajapati became first, Sachit Prajapati second and Looja Ghaju third and among girls Rija Prajapati first, Shriska Prajapati Second and Sushmita Shrestha third. In J.K.G. among boys Raj Prajapati first, Prajjwal K.C Second and Rojal Prajapati third and among girls Rosy Prajapati first, Lasata Prajapati Second and Saru Sinkemana Third. In S.K.G among boys Sameer Prajapati First, Ranjan Gurung Second and Rajesh Thapa Third and among girls Risu Prajapati first, Sumi Bhasima second and Rasu Prajapati Third  in that program.


Vinayak Fresher - 2064
Vinayak Shiksha Niketan School has been organizing Mr. & Miss Vinayak Fresher since 2062. The main objectives of organizing Vinayak Fresher is to show the talents of the new comers in Vinayak Shiksha Niketan Eng. Sec. School. In this year 2064 B.S., first runner up among boys, first runner up among girls, Mr. Vinayak Fresher and Miss Vinayak Fresher title won by Mr. Roman Shrestha, Ms. Shreejana Prajapati, Mr. Rasim Dhaubanjar and Ms. Shova Meju respectively.

Mr.& Ms. Vinayak Fresher - 2064

Drawing Competition - 2064
School has been organizing District wise Drawing Competition in the memory of drawing teacher late Sangita Bajracharya since 2057 B.S. In this year 2064 B.S., there were 80 students of 40 schools participating in drawing competition. Among them, first prize won by Mr. Bikash Tamakhu of Golden Gate School, second prize Mr. Ranjan Prajapati of Jenuine Secondary School, third prize Mr. Sangam Moktan of Padma Secondary School and consolation prize Mr. Niranjan Rajthala and Ms. Anita Shrestha of Rainbow English School and Mahendra Bidhya Ashram respectively.

First Prize Winner

2nd Prize Winner

Farewell Program-2064
School has organized the S.L.C Farewell Program-2064. It is organized to encourage the students for the further study.


S.L.C. Toppers

Farewell Program-2065
School has organized the farewell program 2065 to the volunteer teacher Elizabeth McNeill, Australia.



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