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The best means of character building.

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Vinayak Scout Troop is a growing, childhood movement which is a voluntary, non-political and educational movement for students, open to all. It's the best mean of character building of the every child, youth and old citizen in the country.

It's programs are flexible range adopted to all needs of the community in which it exists. The activities are based on the interest of the children involved with emphasis on useful skills and services to others. The majority of the activities take place in outdoor settings with a spirit of adventures and challenges.

All the scouts everywhere apply the scout methods which includes:
A commitment to a code of living,
Learning by doing.
Progressive and stimulating programs of varied activities,
Small groups working together under youth leadership with adult assistant,
A sense of value of service to the community.

It is a newly formed association among students in Vinayak Shiksha Niketan English Secondary School, Madhyapur Thimi, Chapacho. It's playing very vital role under the world scouting movement by performing its duties and responsibilities towards society and nation by holding various tired and rested activities and contributing to society on the basis of Nepal Scout. It is started since may 1st 2002. It has all together 108 scouts at the batch. It has held "Convocation Day" on 3rd July 2002.

It has got precious support from all sites i.e. the principal, parents, teachers, social workers, governmental and non-governmental organizations etc. It has been organizing the programs regularly with an effective planning, not ad hoc planning. It has two sections. They are:
Cub Section (Below 11 years)
The Scout Section (Above 11 years)
There were 52 cub scouts and 56 scouts at the beginning under the troop. This year, we have 98 scouts in both cub and scout sections. The quantity is meeting quality too. It's being more advanced and improved day by day. The scouts from this troop got active and successful participations in different programs organized by many social and scout organization like camping, hiking, contents etc. The most important achievements grabbed by miss scout Srijana Shrestha is the Best Scorer in S.L.C exam - 2061 among the schouts in Bhaktapur District.

The aims of the troop are:

Vinayak Scout Troop set up some important aims for the achievement of the goals or the destination point through the right and effective ways of scout activities. Some of them are:
To inaugurate the internal talents and creations of the students.
To produce studious, disciplined and progressive students.
To born the helpful, productive and home of citizens.
To build strong contacts and relations with the society through scout activities
      and social works.
To help students to be frank and practicable with outer world or society.


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