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    Vinayak Shiksha Niketan Secondary School not only a school but an institution has been providing quality education maintaining its long term mission as a model academic shrine. Its quality status is superlative around Bhaktapur which is proven by yearly S.L.C. results given below:

Academic Status

Year Total Students Distinction First Second
2059 B.S. 17 12% 82% 6%
2060 B.S. 19 22% 72% 6%
2061 B.S. 20 40% 60%  
2062 B.S. 33 33% 67%  
2063 B.S. 54 28% 66% 6%
     Lastly the school is highly committed to render the best education to the students of local-catchments area who are in keen desire to fulfill the academic quench for career building opportunities to fight against future challenges.

S.L.C Appeared Students

1st Batch 2059

2nd Batch 2060

3rd Batch 2061

4th Batch 2062

5th Batch 2063


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About Vinayak | Academic Activities Facilities  |  Students Forum  |  Admission  |  Enquiry

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