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Farewell to Ramesh


S.L.C Farewell and
Welcome Program-2064
Alumni members with
the teachers and the principal

Vinayak Alumni Association is an association of ex-students of Vinayak Shiksha Niketan Eng. Sec. School. It is a sister association of VSN School. Initially, it was established in the year 2062 B.S and subsequently re-formed in the year 2062 B.S. The present working committee is extended including 15 executive board members incorporating six advisory committee under the patronage of the principal Mr. Surendra Bikram Prajapati. It is the association of students for students.

To bind the ex-students of Vinayak Shiksha
    Niketan School together in unison.
To work for the upliftment of educational status of
    students through different skill development
    programmes and creative activities.
To provide financial support to the students in the
    nearby future.

Programmes Conducted Till Now

S.L.C Farewell and Welcome Program -2063

Wish-exchange and get-together programme
Interaction programme with Bishal Khanal
     2062 (S.L.C board first) 2060.
Participation in the school's programme.
Informational and recreational activities like
Farewell program to the students and teachers.
Other interaction programme time and again.
Future Plan of VAA
Our first and foremost aim is to achieve our basic aim i.e. to bind Vinayak family under a roof of cooperation and collaboration. We will be organizing programmes as our contemporary needs.


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