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Vinayak Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) are additional (supplimentary) nutrition to the bookish knowledge. They help for all round development of the students of VSN. It makes the students of VSN more studious, laborious, disciplined, dutiful and serious on social-cultural aspects as well. It also helps for the quality education. So, VSN accepts ECA as its essential part of education. In this 21st century. It's the error to hit the marble in darkness by providing only bookish knowledge but not ECA. Considering this fact, VSN is more effectively and efficiently conducting various ECA from its establishment date, 1988 A.D. VSN has recorded its glory and pride in national and international arenas through the great ECA achievements. A few years ago, VSN form a separate committee of ECA section to systematize its ECA's.

The objectives of the vinayak ECA section:
To help for physical, mental as well as intellectual
     development of VSN students.
To make VSN students more disciplined, moral, punctual,
     studious and dutiful as well.
To encourage VSN students for better study.
To make VSN students sensible on the social-cultural

Conducting Programs in School

Pre-primary Level
a. Musical Chair h. Handwriting
b. Maths Race i. Hot Potato
c. Pencil Race j. Running and Pointing
d. Traditional Dress and Talent Show k. Spelling Contest
e. Chocolate Race l. Cutting and Pasting
f. Colouring m. Drawing
g. Spoon Race n. Creative games
Primary Level
a. Carom j. Running
b. Spoon Race k. Relay Race
c. Drawing l. Long Jump
d. Sack Race m. High Jump
e. Chess n. Fly Kick
f. Musical Chair o. Basket Ball
g. General Quiz p. Meaning Contest
h. Poem q. T.T
i. Speech Contest r. Badminton
Secondary Level
a. Maths Quiz j. Chess
b. Basket Ball k. Cabbadi
c. Football l. Table Tennis
d. Volley Ball m. Badminton
e. Cricket n. General Quiz
f. Oratory o. Essay
g. Carom p. Poem
h. Kho Kho q. Singing Competition
i. Drawing  
Publication of wall magazine in 3/3 months by all houses, Trekking (in a year), Local Visit (in a month), distance visit, Class activity (monthly), health camp etc.

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